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    At Bridging Cultures, we make every possible effort to ensure that our interpreters are prepared to help bridge the language and cultural gap between... Learn more


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    Bridging Cultures provides professional interpretation in over 30 languages in the medical, education, and social fields... Learn more


    Career Training

    At Bridging Cultures, we equip our Healthcare Interpreters with a 40-hour Medical Interpreter Training Course, developed by ... Learn more

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    Code of Ethics

    The 40-hour training course includes in-depth study of national codes of ethics and standards of practice... Learn more


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    Up-to-date information regarding Bridging Cultures and related sites can be found on... Learn more


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    Bridging Cultures: Connecting Lives Through Language is an equal opportunity organization committed to excellence through diversity... Learn more


Bridging Cultures, a project of Asian Pacific Community in Action, is solely dedicated to tackle language issues among the minorities residing in Maricopa County.

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We currently have Interpreters covering over 30 languages including the following:

Amharic Arabic
Aramaic Assyrian
Burmese Chin
Chinese Dari
Farsi French
Grebbo Hindi
Karen Karrenni
Kayah Kinyarawanda
Kirundi Kiswahili
Korean Kunama
Kurdish Lingala
Nepali Russian
Somali Swahili
Tigrinya Vietnamese
  • Interpreter Checklist

    Pre-Session Pre-Session: The purpose of the pre-session is to clarify your role as an interpreter and inform the provider and the patient how to...read more
    Ethics Ethics: The National Council on Interpreting In Health Care. The interpreter treats as confidential, within the treating...read more
    Advocacy Advocacy: The National Council on Interpreting in Healthcare defines Advocacy as “action taken on behalf of an individual that...read more
    Interpreters as Cultural Brokers Interpreters as Cultural Brokers: Interpreters as Cultural Brokers: Robert Lado defines culture as the ways of people...read more
    Qualified Versus Unqualified Interpretation Qualified Versus Unqualified Interpretation: In a close analysis of one encounter between a nurse...read more
    Scheduling System Scheduling System: With a web-based Internet Interpreter Scheduling System (I2S2 TM) our highly experienced and qualified...read more
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  • Resources

    National Standards on Services
    National Standards on Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services (CLAS) and links to related information.

    Resources & Links
    Helpful links to related websites, articles, and additional resources.

    "I Speak Cards"
    "I Speak" cards inform Limited English Proficient individuals about their rights to free interpretation and translation services.